In response to COVID-19     global health emergency,   African governments have also adopted extraordinary measures to contain and mitigate the pandemic, in order to save lives. These measures have far- reaching consequences.
 The  Stakeholder Group on Ageing Africa ( SGA Africa), conducted a survey to determine  the impact of COVID -19 responses on  lives and  rights of older persons in Africa.
Survey Responses were received from the following countries , Burundi. Ghana. Kenya.  Liberia.  Nigeria. Cameroon,  Zambia, Zimbabwe,  South Africa,  Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal,  South Sudan, Somalia  DRC Congo , Mauritius. Madagascar,  Togo , Guinea,  Tanzania , Tunisia etc
Preliminary findings will be presented during the Webinair as well as some countries’  unique contexts and experiences.
The evidence collected and the outcome document  from the Webinar  will educate government and decision makers, inform advocacy and influence policy guidelines towards  inclusive and integrated interventions for  sustainable recovery.
Join us  for  an evidence based  & contextual, informative & highly  instructive Webinar on COVID-19  and Africa”s unique context and its path to inclusive and sustainable recovery.
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