Theme: United and Coordinated Africa for the Inclusion of Older People in COVID-19 Policy Response and Development Agendas.


Survey conducted by SGA Africa  on the impact of COVID -19 containment and mitigation strategies on the rights of older persons in Africa showed, that 72% of  respondents from 18 African Countries, reported  inadequate structures for older persons’ inclusion and participation in policy responses to COVID-19  and, the non-responsiveness of mitigation and containment strategies to their specific  needs. Findings confirmed the fragile infrastructure and mechanisms of governments and private sector, for palliative distributions and provision of health care for pre-existing conditions during the pandemic and in most cases, the lack of social protection for older persons. From Community, State, National and, sub-Regional and Regional levels, there are identified gaps in addressing the inclusion of older persons in COVID-19 responses and national, regional and global development agendas, with actions to uphold their voices and human rights.(SGA Africa Report, 2020)


 Without effective mechanisms, partnerships and, coordination among relevant actors; member states, AU, UN agencies, NGOs and, Private sector (bilateral, multilateral cooperation), it would be difficult to fill the gaps and to address COVID-19 and recovery phase. The policy brief published by the UN Secretary General on the Impact of COVID-19 on older persons provides sufficient guidance on the inclusion of older persons.


The Stakeholder Group on Ageing Africa (SGA-Africa) is organizing the 2ND in the SGA Africa Pan African Webinar series, on COVID-19 and, the Rights of older Persons in Africa on the theme: United and Coordinated Africa for the Inclusion of Older Persons in COVID-19 Policy Response and Development Agendas.  The webinar session will bring together, relevant stakeholders including high level representatives of some African member states, UN Departments and Agencies,  African Union Commission (AUC), UN-ECA (host of the African Regional Forum), sub-Regional Parliament, Network of African National Human Rights Institutions (NANHRI), and NGOSs in Africa, to  share experiences, challenges, best practices in identifying partnerships opportunities, mechanisms for linkages, engagement and collaboration among stakeholders on  strengthening  and fast tracking inclusion of older persons in policy responses to COVID-19 and development agendas

Recommendations would guide actions towards identification of opportunities and, tools for coordination of policy, normative and programmatic actions.


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SGA Africa 2nd Pan African Webinar on Impact of COVID-19 on Older Persons in Africa.


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